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Monday, June 18, 2018  

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EH08  Simply Wireless Headphones
  Wireless Headphones
8.04 - 9.24 / Min. Qty: 100
The Simply Wireless Headphones are a great way to promote your brand. These headphones are made for everyday use. Featuring Bluetooth technology, you do not have to worry about having a cord connected form ...

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AIO-MYB30  myBuds™ B30 Bluetooth In Ear Headphones
20.95 - 22.95 / Min. Qty: 50
Make your clients very happy with all that you offer when you give away these myBuds™ B30 in-ear headphones! They connect to your devices via Bluetooth 4.1 technology and feature a li-ion battery that provides ...

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12803  Egg Drop™
  Egg Drop™
124.79 - 139.19 / Min. Qty: 1
The Egg Drop is a levitating Bluetooth speaker that works up to 30 feet from your connected device. Unique and captivating design makes this speaker great for any occasion or setting.

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78014  RADIUM X™ Wireless Bluetooth Headset
  Radium X™
37.99 - 45.59 / Min. Qty: 10
Sound controlled! The Radium X™ Wireless Bluetooth Headset allows you to listen to music and make phone calls. Bluetooth allows you to stay connected to any Bluetooth compatible device up to 30 feet away. Includes ...

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AP-BTS364 Bluetooth Speaker BST364  AP-BTS364
  AP-BTS364 Bluetooth Speaker BST364
11.43 - 15.31 / Min. Qty: 100
Features: Standard 3.5mm Audio Input which support MP3, Mobile Phones, iPod, iPhone, etc. Works as far as 10 M from the Bluetooth Device Support Talking / Listening even if the Device is Located ...

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AP-BTS568 Bluetooth Speaker  AP-BTS568 Bluetooth Speaker
  AP-BTS568 Bluetooth Speaker
10.21 - 13.98 / Min. Qty: 100
Features: Standard 3.5mm Audio Input which support MP3, Mobile Phones, iPod, iPhone, etc. Works as far as 10 meters from the Bluetooth device Support Talking / Listening even if the Device is ...

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GA212  Projection Keyboard
50.34 - 64.76 / Min. Qty: 100
Easliy pair laser projection keyboard for your Iphone, Ipad, Smartphone, laptop or tablets. The laser projection keyboard has no physical buttons, and is connected with the main device through Bluetooth, which ...

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GS132  Selfie Stick
2.77 - 3.67 / Min. Qty: 100
The wire selfie stick doesn't require a battery, bluetooth or use of an app, simply plug it into a phone's 3.5mm audio jack. Phone users can then take a picture by pressing a button on the wire selfie stick's handle. ...

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GS231  LED Flame Speakr
14.50 - 20.00 / Min. Qty: 500
The bluetooth speaker is made of ABS material. It is a perfect product product for camping or travel also the amazing gifts for christmas or birthday.

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VE010  Smart Bluetooth Sport Watch
19.40 - 21.63 / Min. Qty: 100
This is a new fitness activity tracker device for your health. It features with function of tracks steps taken, calories burned, alarm, distance traveled, duration of sleep, and sleep quality monitor. Waterproof ...

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R-47  Bluetooth® Silicone Speaker
9.99 - 12.00 / Min. Qty: 100
This Bluetooth®, silicone speaker features a suction cup for mounting to a wall or window. Simply connect the device via Bluetooth and enjoy great sounding music.

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R-48  Bluetooth® Earbuds
9.99 - 12.00 / Min. Qty: 100
Go wireless with our chargeable Bluetooth® earbuds. Able to pair with a major Bluetooth® devices, these Bluetooth® earbuds will mobilize your life! Imprint your logo on the convenient carrying case.

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R-51  Bluetooth Headphones
17.99 - 21.00 / Min. Qty: 50
For your listening pleasure, these new headphones are now Bluetooth compatible! Additional features include: FM radio and micro-sd slot to listen to your favorite mp3 songs! The ear pieces extend to accommodate ...

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R-53  Flower Pot Bluetooth Speaker
11.99 - 14.00 / Min. Qty: 100
This wireless, bluetooth speaker is a 3-in-1 where you not only have a home for your plant, but you're able to listen to your favorite music, and set it up as a night light as well. This unique item will also play ...

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HPL150  Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
5.67 - 8.55 / Min. Qty: 100
It's great for Outdoors and Shower. The beautiful sealed silicone cases and interface design ensure Waterproof. It can streams incredible stereo sound with full range output, crystal clear articulate high end. ...

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15 Products - Pg: 1 of 1 

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